When using the Mailbox Manager, provided within the Hepsia Web Site Control Panel you will be able to quickly be in charge of all your mailboxes, no matter the number of sites you have. You can quickly filter mailboxes, enable anti–spam, create email forwarding with merely a click of the mouse and create filters for use on your email accounts. Due to our auto–configure scripts, you are able to immediately set up your mail client to function with just about any email address you have. And that’s just a modest part of what CharlestonHost.com’s Mailbox Manager can assist you with.

Anti–Spam Protection

Deal with spam in a click

In the Mailbox Manager of your Web Site Control Panel, it is possible to control trash messages. The in–built anti–spam tool filters inbound emails and you can customize its amount of control with only a mouse–click. You can even state a different level of spam security for every single e–mail account.

There are two basic ways that our system takes care of messages designated as spam. You can choose whether a spam email needs to be removed, or sent to a given mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

1–click redirection of email messages

With the help of the Email forwarding tool, it’s possible to reroute each of the e–mail messages sent to a mailbox to another mailbox that you pick (possibly hosted in the same website hosting account or somewhere else online).

To forward an email, just choose it within the drop–down list and then specify the e–mail account you’d like to have all forwarded messages to be sent to. Then, you’re given the option to choose whether or not you need a duplicate of each message to be kept in the mailbox which you forward or not.

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Email Filters

Configure custom spam filters with no trouble

Email filters certainly are a tool you’ll be able to work with. They function in a quite simple way depending on keyword phrases. All that you should execute is select the keywords that you like the filter to make use of and which area of the email all these key phrases have to be located in including subject line, message body, footer, etc.

Another way you can use electronic mail filters will be to reroute all junk messages into a pre–specified folder. Then you could in addition specify if you want the filtered emails to be saved in the directory (meaning you can check if some message is sent there by mistake), it has to be erased.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys in addition to SPF protection for your email address

We’ve applied measures to help protect your mailboxes from spam activities. Thanks to the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protection solution you can actually designate the servers which are certified to transmit mail on behalf of your website. That way, e–mails giving the impression they’re out of your domain that did not originate from your allowed list of hosts will be quickly tossed to the spam folder.

We have also provided you with DomainKeys for any email accounts in your web site hosting account. DomainKeys is an email authentication system that establishes the genuineness of an e–mail by validating the mail server of the e–mail sender as well as the message integrity.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

Speedy PC e–mail configuration

With the auto–configure attribute of the Mailbox Manager, you are able to configure mailboxes on your desired PC email client with a a click of the mouse. Just click on the icon belonging to the mail client that you want to make use of for the chosen mailbox and get its auto–configuration file. This will quickly configure your inbox within your chosen desktop client.

We’ve integrated config files for probably the most well–known email clients – Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and Mac Mail.

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Seen on any system, anywhere

In the event you do not have access to an e–mail client, you can quickly go through your email by means of CharlestonHost.com’s e–mail client – Roundcube. There’s one web link you need to type, and you can now check it from any web–connected device from any location!

You may also directly log in through your Web Site Control Panel, and not having to provide any email login details.

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